Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ain't No Janky Hoopdie

This is the second car we have purchased as a couple, and it is a good thing we do our research before driving to the dealer, because 100% of the time we buy the first car we see. The Saturn was paid off, and I thought we would go around and compare different manufacturer's station wagons, but we didn't make it past the first one. I thought for sure I would end up with one of those sexy BMW's. (I only say that because I have driven one, and the damn thing nearly drove itself - yes, THAT sexy.) So anyway, I reluctantly agree to go to the Volvo dealership, thinking how bulky, heavy, stereotypically UN-sexy those cars are. Boy was I set straight.

Probably the best car-buying experience - they insisted we bring in the dogs and let them sit on the desks and lick everyone's faces (better than sitting on everyone's faces and licking the desks I suppose), let the kid run around and be baby-sat by everyone not working, and eat from their company party smorgasbord. (Did I ever mention I LOVE oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips?)

Anyway, I was hoping for a few extras, but we ended up getting the works, on a 2008 model, for over 10K less than a 2009 model. I highly recommend that if you do plan on buying a car, you go in to the dealer at the end of the year, and ask to see their courtesy cars. Our car not only had very low miles but it still had all the factory stickers on it, and was obviously serviced after every single person drove it.

This thing has so many cool features I cannot come close to naming them all, but let me try a few... How about... descent control which allows you to coast down a steep hill with your foot off the break, a rear-view mirror which magically dims in gradations according to how dark or light it is, a kick-ass stereo, telescoping as well as tilting steering wheel, rear fog lights (yes, rear), leather interior with (both) electric seats in the front with three memory settings which include stereo sets as well as seat and mirrors, parking assist with graphics that let you know exactly how close you are to the curb and or front and back cars/objects, key-less entry and start which allows you to unlock the car without taking the key out of your pocket or purse, with a key fob that lets you know if your car is locked from any part of the world, automatic closing rear-hatch, a kick-ass stereo, two inset booster seats to take a friend to the zoo with us, heated seats with three settings, instantaneous gas mileage meter, moon-and-sun roof, headlight cleaners, dual climate control... did I mention a kick-ass stereo?

Bring on the Metallica.

It also has all those features you would assume a Volvo has, making it such a safe family car, but this is not yo' Momma's Volvo.

Volvo rocks.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is by far the most un-traditional Christmas yet. Not that I am big on Christmas anyway; it seems the older I get the less enthused I am about the “season.” I do it for the kids, especially the young one. And on top of that, once you start buying someone presents, you are essentially terminally committed to continue the tradition unless something cataclysmic happens to your relationship with them, or you move away and decide to loose their phone number. OK, I will try not to sound too depressed about it; really I am not. This year, however, my oldest has moved out and my husband is gone on a 24-hour watch on Christmas day. I think that I actually welcome these nontraditional circumstances, though, because they have allowed me to find my new favorite Indian restaurant (will write about this later, fo sho), keep the house as if it were a hazardous zone, and eat things you prepare in the microwave. Just me and the little one: her watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas on the t.v. while I shovel snow off the front steps for the first time in our new house... sort of lovely, in a way. No obligations, just laid back and casually taking the time to wonder at the sky and listen to all the little Bush Tits (yes, that is what they are called according to my Nan) chirp over the new suet cake we left out for them to feast. And now, here I am on my uber-fancy new tiny (pearl-white), 2 lb. 10” laptop and finally getting around to blog something, even if it is graciously about nothing. After all, I am not above reaping the rewards of the “season of the consumer.”
If only I could figure out how to surf and sleep at the same time… oh what a joy that would be.