Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Modern Nursery.

Plain and Simple, Modern Nursery is just what is says. This is one of the best collections of Modern baby bedding in one place. They also have really schmancy furniture and decor, to delight any modern-stuff-lover. The collection is almost overwhelming, but definitely worth some browsing.

Artisan Made in Scotland

Papa Stour has a fabulous collection of artisan made products, and a lovely site.

A Really Good Blog

Wee Wonderfuls is one of the nicest blogs I have seen. Lots of stuff to inspire and entertain. Grab a cuppa and relish in all the cuteness.


You wanna smell like WHAT?!

If that doesn't rock your boat, surely the Demeter Frangrance Library has something that does. From the scent of your favorite candy like Necco Wafers, Jelly Bellies, and Sweethearts to everything under the sun. Yes, how could your loved one resist the scent of Gin & Tonic, Bourbon, Celery, Christmas Tree, Clean Windows, Condensed Milk, Grass, and... I kid you not, Sushi or........ Rubber.

Hmmmm.... not sure what to think of that last one. Makes the Cannabis sound good.

Vintage Children's Records

"Kiddie Records Weekly began in 2005 as a one year project devoted to the golden age of children's records. This period spanned from the mid forties through the early fifties and produced a wealth of all-time classics. Many of these recordings were extravagant Hollywood productions on major record labels and featured big time celebrities and composers.

Over the years, these forgotten treasures slipped off the radar and it became our mission to give them a new lease on life by sharing them with today's generation of online listeners. Each week throughout the year we added a new recording and before we knew it, our one year project turned into three! Although we will not be continuing beyond 2007, Kiddie Records Weekly will remain online and we will update the Bonus Records section every now and then.

So whether you are hearing these records for the first time or reuniting with a childhood favorite from long ago, we hope you take great pleasure in your trip down memory lane!"

Terrible Baby.

These are from l'Enfant Terrible, one of the coolest online stores for babies. Don't bother unless you are richer than God, though.

How do you say.....

There must be a hundred words in Japanese for our word "cute." One of the biggest (and cutest) new fads is crafting Japanese. Here is a wonderful blog dedicated to just that.

"I'm starting this page as a resource for all the crafters out there who love Japanese craft books. When I bought my first book, on a visit to Japan in 2003, I had no idea there were legions of other crafters with the same interests. There's something about these books that makes them stand out over all other craft books - the simplicity, the beauty, the styling, the instructions even an illiterate American can follow.

The goal of this site is to collect reviews and completed projects from as many books as possible. I'll list all the local bookstores where you can go and page through them yourselves, and the online sellers too. Plus, I hope to have instructions on how to buy through the Japanese sites and links to inspiring shops and artists."

Cutest Chucks Ever.

These are are a new Chuck Taylor design created by Camilla Engman.

What she said:

"My design was chosen for the Converse (RED) program. (RED) is a program established by BONO of U2 to help reduce the effects of AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis within Africa.
They are now available at Converse."


The age of tech is better than I thought.

I must confess.
I come from a long line of sceptics. I remember listening to my grandfather, a WWII Flying Tiger, drawl out in his angry gruff voice, "I don't need no goddam radars!"
After all, computers DO make my life much more complicated in many respects, especially when things I need NOW go missing.
And when it comes to art, I tended to think technology just makes things simpler, not better. I mean, Photoshop can make some pretty corny stuff. I have seen some okay phots destroyed with the "artistic" options on more than one occasion. However, and I will unabashedly admit that there are those that take it to a new level; I occasionally go, "Yup, I could never do that myself."
Here is an example of some pretty fine digital manipulation of photographs. I know enough about design to identify some crucial aspects of Michelle Caplan's work. You can't just go around diluting and lapping images; there is a master mind behind the subtle colors and crafty composition. The ephemera is gorgeous as well.
In plain words... the stuff is cool.

artists abound

I seem to be on a kick of finding artists and wanting to post their artwork: one of the glorious attributes of the Internet. Here is something beyond craft/crafty and so on....
This image doesn't do this work justice - you have to go see the work of Lisa Solomon, especially this work here, entitled Doily Body [lungs, gut, brain, heart], 2006, colored pencil and embroidery on dura-lar, 12" x 9". It is intricate and apparently random and precise all at the same time. The colors are lovely, and composition delightful. This reminds me of the brightly colored yarn we used to dip in liquid starch and dry in elementary school, only much more sophisticated.
There is just something very appealing to be from an artistic standpoint, to a fascination with robots, flowers and pretty dresses.

What's better than chocolate?

Chocolate in the form of laughing Buddha. Here is Hotei, or commonly known (albeit incorrectly, as Hotei is not Buddha at all, silly kids) as the Laughing Buddha. Like eating chocolate doesn't make you happy enough... just looking at this makes you revved up in glee.....
The folks at have created lovely handmade chocolates in just about every form of deity and religious symbol, of which Hotei is my all-time favorite.

Squiddles the Shriner?

Oh - this stuff is so reminiscent of a simpler time. I just love the humor in this simple graphic 50's style art. It is almost hard to believe that someone is so talented that they are producing art in this fashion - flawlessly. Not to mention their fabulous selection of t-shirts, Gigantic Brand has unique art prints, and "other fun stuff," all in the same fabulous vein.

Live Earthy.

I just ran across this site again, apply named Viva Terra. There are so many great things here that it was hard to choose just one pic, but this slate cheese board was pretty friggin' awesome. Who doesn't need one of these to impress your guests?

I also really love the teak bath accessories, and a lot of the kitchen decor such as driftwood trivets and wine caddies. You simply can't go wring with the Hinoki Wood Bath Mat, especially after reading what they say about it...

"Hinoki, or Japanese cypress, has long been prized for its natural antibacterial agents and its resistance to humidity. Both make it ideal for bathing accessories. The highly therapeutic wood contains minerals and essential oils traditionally used in Japan to treat skin irritations, cure asthma and reduce stress."

I am sold on just about all this stuff. Great site.

Good, more than one way.

Brought to you by a fair trade member, these yoyos are not only beautiful, but you can feel good about what you are buying;s something always in the back of my mind. They make great gifts which come with cards that explain the story: to make your recipient feel even better, that you were not only thinking of them. While you are at it, check out the rest of the Fair Trade Store.

Swell Baby

I was just emailing a friend back and forth about old-fashioned words (you know who you are), and was delighted (yes, I said delighted) to again come across this lovely collection of softly colored pastel wooden blocks, with a darling retro graphics. Apparently they were even good enough to be featured by Martha Stewart, no doubt. Nice work, Swell Baby.

Ooooh, I could just EAT YOU UP!

Okay, I admit it, I talk to Isabel like this. Poor baby. Some days I could just devour my little pumpkin, jellybean, yummy baby.

Here is something adorable for your adored: cute-as-a-button hair-clips, with cherries, puppies, bunnies and more. As if you didn't want to eat them up already...

Some Old Ideas are Just Really Good.

Okay, they're a little pricey. But I want one anyway. At first, I was like, whaaaat? A bike with not pedals? Then reading a bit, I found out that this has been a long-lived European tradition, and it makes sense: first you learn how to steer, THEN you learn how to power yourself. After watching Isabel try to ride her tricycle, I quickly realized that as smart as she is (and I am convinced she is a golden-child-genius), she can get the pedal-power down, but only at the sacrifice of the steering. I would love to be able to make it all easier for her. I believe this is my answer. I also like the way the mostly-wood construction, minimal paint, looks as well. Check 'em out over at, where they also have our beloved Rody the Jumping Horse, which Isabel affectionately refers to as "Donkey." Beautiful colors.

Mmmmmm....... Cup-cakey.........

How novel is this? Don't you just feel like Doris Day when you send your dear hubby and kiddles off with a fresh-as-a-daisy cupcake to snap open and eat, arriving perfectly as if fallen into a wormhole?

You know you do. Now go visit Cup-A-Cake and bake a dozen.

Oh My.

I don't think I even need words to go with this picture. Am I having a diabetic seizure?

Hey, even Paris Hilton shops here.

Find 'em at Sprinkles.

loloko: What doesn it mean?

Surely it must mean "cute."
I just came back to this site, and it suddenly donned on me (more likely I forgot) how low, low, LOW their prices are. Go check out loloko. What a deal for such cuteness! I love little things to brighten up the house with humor and cheer! Who doesn't need a little smile when they go to reach for a paperclip, fridge magnent, note holder, etc.
Someone said to me, "Why would you advertise for other people's items, when it may discourage them from buying yours?" Well.... I don;t think it really does. I probably wouldn't blog something that was like my stuff, only better. Wait... is there such a thing? Nah. ;) This stuff is all very different and fun, and if someone wants to spend their money somewhere else, they have that right. I think we should all feel good about our purchases, and the last thing I would want to do is corner someone into a sale. I can't STAND prssure sales, and I don't hide it. That doesn't bring them back, or encourage them to say good things about you. I just love sharing the darling, cute, sweet, fun, did I say cute? little things out there in the world!

Now, What do you call THIS?

After all that about cuteness, what happens if you take all that cute stuff, and distort it, till it becomes on the verge of dark. I just ran across this artists, through one of my many link searches. Artist Marion Peck takes it a little father than is, perhaps, comfortable for most. Here I go, exposing my darker side. However, I must qualify this last statement, this entire post for that matter, with explaining that... although this may not be for the faint of heart (or the extreme left-wingers), this stuff must be viewed with a sense of humor. A friend of mine once said, if he had a band he was going to name it "Nervous Laughter." This definitely comes to mind when viewing these strange and dark, yet delicate and deliberate portraits of Marion Peck. The animals are especially pathetic, in that nervous, lovely, funny sort of way. Enjoy.

Oh How Sweet it Is!

I finally found it! A one-stop source for retro candy, AND...... They have packages BY THE DECADE going all the way back to the 40's! HOW COOL IS THAT? Not only does the Candy Crate

have all the cool candy, but they have loads of facts and a really bright and cheerful site that should put any sugar lover into a manic shopping frenzy! Bring on the Frosted Sugar Cubes!

Baby's Room

Oh, how I have decorated the new house over and over again. No mind that we haven't actually SEEN the house, but I am so excited that I have picked out several furniture items, all the wall colors (Mustard yellow and gray for the kitchen, Robin's egg blue for the baby's room, vintage tea green for the bathroom, etc.), and realized what sort of floor plan I need to make this all come true. Some of the most fun is picking out the decor for the baby's room including this super cool vintage wall clock from Dolce Mia Designs. I had thought about a Western theme, but I don't think I could stick to just one thing - there are just TOO many cool things out there. Now, for the patio furniture and landscape plants...

Love Life

Going back to my trip-hop electronica, funky house and lounge days (don't ask questions) this is more mellow than mellow - perfect for wasting a perfectly good afternoon which I suspect each and every one of us could use from time to time. Stuff like this - one of the reasons I miss my old town of Seattle: KEXP (KCMU) for introducing me to otherwise elusive auditory goodies.

Here is a sample of the goods.

New Sock Monkeys Extraordinaire

These sock monkeys and elephants made by Peng Peng, are really exceptional. Not only are sock monkeys super cool and retro, but these are truly works of art with fabulous fabric and notions selections. You can tell a great deal of care goes into these. Of course, they aren't cheap. But good stuff shouldn't be .

Also, she now makes these animals. Talk about being inspired. She has really made me want to take up bear-making. She has really taken it to the form of art, in my opinion.

Mmmmmmm..... caaaaaake.

Feel like making felt cakes lately? Here is a cool, very simple tutorial on what looks like a gratifying little project. The look so good, you could eat 'em.

Loretta Lux

Man, this is some cool stuff. Loretta Lux is a digital photographer extraordinaire. These surreal and slightly odd little visual treats are just mesmerizing. I find myself just fascinated with her work, wondering what parts have been touched, which have not, and then going, "Geeze, where would you HANG something like that?" They seem to strike you on a very personal level, then making you feel somewhat vulnerable. Like good art should. This is no weekend Photoshoper. Besides, the clothes are just perfect in every way as well.

Babie Deer.

Superminx is a cool toy and kitch store that is just opening up, and looks quite promising. Why do I like the babie deer? I dunno. They are plastic-y and cute, and so far from reality. The same reason I like blue food, I guess. Don't ask why, just whip out the Alice B. Toklas cook book, and dig it.

She's Craft-ay!

"So colorful!

So unusual!

A perfect gift for your good friend Frank…. you know, the one with a pantyhose fetish?"

Here is a lovely quilt you too can make out of the myriad pairs of old pantyhose you have lying around the house. This is the sort of stuff you will find at, a blog of snarky comments to go with old pattern photos of the past. Is it just me...?

You Know What is Coming Up Sweetheart?!

What’s on my mind, now? Love and Rockets, and Chairs. As you may or may not know, Valentines Day is coming up, we are in for a big move (and buying another house) to our favorite area of Seattle, AND I am always on the hunt for the coolest toys and baby accoutrements. Therefore, I will go ahead and shamelessly post mention of my favorite internet sites. Enjoy!

Shadow light by Tord Boontje, here at Generate

For your valentine, Fabulous paperie: Luxe Paperie

Sweets for the sweet, to amaze and awe: Bou Lela

For the more seductive chocolate: Noka

What better to go with chocolate than the best freakin’ coffee in the world?:

Cafe Vita

(Be sure to take their “behind the scenes” virtual tour)

Don’t Forget the Organic Flowers:
Organic Bouquet

Nice Gifts Other Than Food:

Very cool t-shirts and posters: Aesthetic Apparatus

Great toys!: Kid Robot

Apothecaries, I would buy just for the bottles and labels: Bigelow Chemists

Lovely unique toys good enough for home d├ęcor: Schmancy Toys

You are sure to find a unique gift here: Bozart

For Yourself (and DO love thyself!):

Some of the coolest home furnishings: Dwell

Modern lighting furniture and toys that are out of this world: Velocity

AmAzing! furnishings. (Be sure to check out the Shadow light by Tord Boontje, pictured above):


More gorgeous home furnishings: West Elm

Beautiful textile arts: Textile Art

My Little Bunny Hunny

You may find some of the great stuff mentioned earlier, at Artbrat, including a yummy Laurie Simmons Dessert Plate Set, and matching coffee cups and saucers: , Soft Gourd Pillows by Yayoi Kusama, and terrific Bunny Cookie Jars by Momoyo Torimitsu.
Also, I managed to find a good source for the Uni Chair, from our Austrailian frieds at Blokey Stuff. There you will also find a terrific assortment of items for the hard-to-shop-for man (or anyone else) such as 450 Things A Bloke Aught to Know How to Build, a huge Double Hammock, All American Ads of the 1940s, the Paint Effects Bible, as well as a large deluxe-edition selection of rubber dickies, such as the Flower Sinshine Duck.

more baby stuffs

At the risk of making this blog sound like its turning into one huge ad, I just can't resist sharing what lovies I do run across on the web. If we DID have to buy a crib and some sheets all over again, I would definitely do so here at Modern Tots. This stuff is outrageously hip and soothing to the eye. Love, love, LOVE it. They have tons of bedding as well as furniture and toys to browse, as well as super SUPER cool clothes and shoes like Little Dear Shoes.