Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

Folding Trees - Flower Week: Tissue Paper Carnations

Folding Trees Flower Week: Tissue Paper Carnations
I can't wait to try these!

The Crafty Crow

The Crafty Crow
For some quick ideas to keep your kids occupied.

Official Martha Stewart Crafts Store - Crafting Essentials, Weddings, Holidays, Kits, Projects

Official Martha Stewart Crafts Store - Crafting Essentials, Weddings, Holidays, Kits, Projects
The geek in me is screaming "Yes! That is SO cool!!" Here is the source for your Martha Stewart craft supplies if you want a better chance of them looking just like they do in the magazine photos. I can't say much about the quality of the products, but I'll bet they are at least halfway decent since she it is the marketing director's name straight on the package. KWIM? Her towels are pretty nice, but at least you know you are getting the right colors with her very own craft supplies.

Well... they had BETTER be the same ones they use in the pictures, damn it!

My First Quilt

I have done it!

I have SO many projects that are partially done that I am just thrilled that I managed to do this one from start to finish within a week! Isabel's encouragement (and her claiming ownership) really helped.

the quilting does take considerable practice, but I am pretty satisfied with my progress and very happy with my machine: JukiTL90E - the quilter's sewing machine, which my husband bought for me because of it's "cottage industrial" claim. A great machine all-around.

I love the finished "quilted" look of the project. I know, it IS a quilt, but the quilting just makes it look so much tidier and like a true quilt. I have done "stitch in the ditch" before (sewing carefully down the seams) but this method (the name eludes me right now) makes it look so much more, well, professional.

I found a great deal of help from tutorials on the web, especially Oh, Fransson!: (Great name, but the way.)

Basically, if you follow the tips, quilting is much easier than previously thought, but, you will cause yourself a lot of trouble if you don't have the tips -- the magic, if you will. It is well-worth the time to read through a good quilting blog, until you feel quite inspired or can't take the anticipation any longer.

Well, not bad if I do say so myself.

The fabrics are Recess from the American Jane line from Moda (the colorful squares), Mary trellis from the Bell Bottoms line by Jennifer Paganelli (the back of the quilt), a very nice Egyptian cotton for the background framing of the squares, and Coriander from Amy Butler's Lotus line.

Friday, May 1, 2009

American Jane Simple Quilt

I have some other squares cut out, but I wanted to go ahead and make use of these beautiful "Recess" squares. I thought they would no nicely with the light and airy look I am trying to create for Isabel's room. I want to go ahead and start teaching myself how to quilt; making use of what was already taught me, plus winging the rest. I guess I have new inspiration from learning the basics on stippling. I already have the batting (I do want to switch to the cotton because I heard it "drapes" much nicer) and tons of fabric sitting around so this is a good way to make use of it. Maybe I will even sell some of these at the Oak Harbor Market this summer. Of course that depends on how well the turn out.