Monday, June 22, 2009

For the Love of Fabric

More fabrics.

I thought I was done, but it is hard to kick a good habit. I couldn't resist some of the new fabrics out, and now have a beautiful selection at my Etsy site AcmeBabyCo.

Both geometrics and florals, and some cute deer from Jay McCarroll's Woodland Wonderland line to top it off.

I think my new favorite designer nowadays would have to be Anna Marie Horner. Some of her stuff before was cute, but her new line Good Folks is a fabulous variety of rich and somewhat daring colors in designs that range from graphic to strongly geometric, all with a feel of nostalgia. This girl is brimming with talent. She offers not only fabrics, but gorgeous rugs and pillows, patterns and kits, paper goods, even a darling book, and much, much more.

Besides, I think I am a little fascinated as to how she can look 19 years old and appear to have several children whose ages range up to 10 years old. Her blog is gorgeous, too... just like her.

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