Monday, March 17, 2008

Beautiful Child...

There is nothing more magical for a child than play, and these are the play clothes that dreams are made of. Capes, wings, caps, all beautifully handcrafted and wonderfully vintage-looking. There is something about the "already-played-in" look that stirs the imagination and feigns a sense of authenticity.

From princess coats to star skirts, knight and cowboy/girl costumes, to outfits with such great names as "Stella" and "Asterion," Wovenplay is a breath of fresh air for those who cringe at the thought of walking past the "costume section" at any commercial discount store.


Anonymous said...

wow! I bet you can make all of this stuff. YOu know what? It's probably better that I don't sew. would go bananas looking at things and wanting to make everything. And with your skill? Anyone who is reading this must know Amy is a true seamstress. She made my daughters these gorgeous silk Dupioni dresses. They were a robin's egg blue with an ivory sash. She drafted her own pattern and had them to me in the blink of an eye. I think she has a magic wand of some sort. Or she does the 'shrooms.

astula said...

this shop? is soo inspiring and beautiful!