Sunday, March 23, 2008

Recycled, Handmade, Simple

Peaches and Nips is another mother-owned company on Etsy, and they make these really cool baby-hammocks.

What seems to be unique about this hammock is the wood structure: how the design allows the hammock to "gently move up and down, back and forth, and side to side."

Also, not only are he fabric portions of the hammocks bohemian-cool, they claim to use 90% recycled materials in all their products, which I find very useful to those who are environmentally-conscious.

The wood portion is made of Poplar, which is supposed to be a very strong hardwood, making the design even more well thought-out.


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Maren said...

wow, I am LATE with this, but I needed to chime in.

I have one of these hammocks from etsy and yes, it is lovely and recycled and well thought-out, but even more importantly, my baby daughter ADORES it. She is seven months old and we have been using it since her birth. Before going with this one we considered the Miyo, Hushamok, Amby, and especially the Happy Hangup. In the end we decided we wanted something more sturdy than the Miyo/Hushamok/Amby. The deciding factor for us was that we were able to get this hammock customized in colors that match our nursery. We have been extremely pleased and tell anyone who will listen that it's the best baby product we've bought.