Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Birthday Barack

Why not, Why not watch one of the most important events in my lifetime. Why not cozy up on the couch with the dog, and listen to her fart and snore, and watch this amazing spectacle.

I must admit, I am not that surprised how horrible of a Singer Shakira is. What made me stop in my tracks while watching the inaugural performances, is how amazingly GOOD U2 is - after all these years. I mean, these four dudes from Dublin are freakin' talent - perhaps in their fifties, they got the mojo of rascals in their 20s.

Now, I am a bit tongue-tied, as they bring a real, yes, REAL American eagle on stage. I just don't get that. I hope he takes a big dump. He didn't, but my consolation was watching him try to get the hell out of there and by doing so, give the handler a massive comb-over. Nice.

All humor aside, I am inspired. I am inspired by the numbers of attendees, by the inspiration of others, and by this one man. So many people have been moved by this single man, like no one I have seen in my lifetime. On top of that, I hope it does so much to quash the stereotypes that many have, and bring us together, and keep our cynicism for more important things... like, comb-overs and Shakira.