Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Luck, Bad Luck

This is all about the new year and what it might bring.

Dismissing the zen principle that there is neither good luck or bad luck (i.e., the farmer's son broke his leg and therefore could not be drafted, which turned out to not be the greatest luck, etc.), we thought it couldn't hurt to go get some dim sum and fortune cookies.

So, when we ran into Seattle to visit an old friend to celebrate with an old friend, and none of us liked the idea of running to Dick's for burgers, I came up with the idea of dim sum. I was pleased that it was (surprisingly) my friend's first time, and was sure her two kids (9 and 11) would love it as well; what kid doesn't love picking steaming dumplings from an array of colorful delicacies?

If you are in Seattle, I recommend the House of Hong which serves dim sum until 4:30. Be sure to also check out Kobo at Higo about 2 blocks away; I cannot possibly imagine anyone would be disappointed with this uber-cool art gallery/store. One of the things they had there was little machines that took yen (a coin/exchange right nearby) in exchange for little trinkets; far-cooler than the cheap crap we have in America, they dispense either a anatomically correct body part that can be taken apart and put together, a bust of your favorite composer, a miniature roll of toilet paper (yes, really), or a miniature head with its very own plastic wig. Freakin' cool. (oh, that's right, I blogged about it here.)

So... recommendation number two (after good champagne) is dim sum with friends.

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