Monday, January 5, 2009

What's All the Hubbub, Bub?

The most expensive bottle of liquor I have purchased, by far; I thought I would see what the big deal was on tequila. Well, other than a good margarita, of course.

Although this was excellent, I wouldn't mind trying the "cheaper" version. I liked the earthy agave and oaky flavors, but would also like to try the clean less flavorful "silver." The truth of the matter is no matter how good hard alcohol is, I just can't force myself to say that I love the post-swallow burning. Don't get me wrong... this is smooth, nay, smoother than any alcohol I have tasted, but after it goes down, the esophagus does burn as you would expect swallowing alcohol would have it. My opinion is that the lack of initial burn allows you to enjoy the flavor a bit, but I still don't think I will get the hang of savoring neat tequila as a hobby. (So much for being a devout alcoholic.)

I do think I will use the rest of this for some killer margaritas (RIP Three Degos) and maybe shooters after the champagne runs out, if not to just to pull out and impress the stray guest who truly loves the stuff.

Next - back from our trip back from Whistler (or maybe a bottle on the way) will be some of that AMA-zing maple-flavored whiskey, which I can (and have) nursed lovingly by a roaring fire.... Mmmmm... Don't give up on the party-er in me just yet.

Oh wait... to be very candid, what I preferred most about this $60+ bottle of tequila, was the hand-blown and numbered bottled, neatly hand-wrapped wrapped in ribbon and bright yellow tissue, and little bee graphic. I am such an aesthetic-slut.

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