Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cute-ey Little Cute-els of Cuteness

Not only is she beautiful and has a terrific Italian last name (did I tell you my maiden name is Sicilian?), Jamie Ferraioli creates these fabulous little trinkets with amazing precision and charm. Mixing food and miniatures? Yes! Yes! I LOVE this! Clearly she is much younger than I, but these things truly remind me of my childhood; something my grandmother would have given me as a really cool souvenir from Europe.

Especially the Plinis (don't you love that name?!). They are these handcrafted little dolls that are shiny and cute and harming, and have loads of individual character.

And the name: Magic Bean Buyer. Oh yeah.

They are so friggin' cute. Go support another fabulous Etsy rockstar!

And her cute blog.

Oh that's right. No wonder she is so cool. She has the same birthday as ME!

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Jamie Ferraioli said...

Hey there! I stumbled on your blog. It's funny, I'm reading and thinking to myself now why does this person sound so familiar with the Italian thing. And then you mentioned our shared birthday. Oh thaaat's right!
Thanks so much for writing about me and my creations! You totally made my day. It's really great to know that other people (besides myself..!) enjoy the things I make!