Monday, July 14, 2008

For SOME-one SPEC-ial!

Ooooh, they know who they are... Someone is expecting their first baby girl.

With their idea and my craftiness (and addiction to fabrics) I have created a cute little 1950s play suit.

I love sewing just for the love of it. No more for money, I think it is much more fun for me to do for trade or gift. I think that things loose their vibrancy when done simply for money, especially with time-frames looming overhead. Not so with this little cutie.

I also think sewing for babies is something special as well. Babies are already cute enough, but when you put them in something outright adorable, well... Who doesn't like people turning to mush at your feet when they get a glimpse of your little offspring?

On top of that, I just love using authentic old patterns. For some reason, even when the new patterns come out, they never have that "essence" of spirit. They seem so generic, and darn it if they never seem to fit right! You would think they would have it down by now, but I have to tell you that the old patterns are for making real clothes, and the new ones always look "homemade." Ick. I think part of that is that people are so intimidated by sewing, that they make modern patterns all so very easy that they leave out any special tailor tricks to make the garment look finished and fitted. Well, I have news for those of you who are intimidated... Suck it up. They aren't that hard. When I feel intimidated by something, what works for me is to think of the people who can do this or that, and think, "Do they seem like they have brain surgeon mentality?" Chances are, not so much. You will teach yourself something with these old patterns, and feel so much better about the time you spend in creating something far superior to commonplace "craft." Heck, write me, and I would be tickled pink to share some "trade secrets." I think most people who really love doing this also love sharing in the craft.

This reminds me of the era my house was created in as well - during the Arts & Crafts movement. People spend time learning how to create things, and art seemed to have a greater importance. I think there is a great effort to recreate a bit of this, but nothing ever seems to take hold like it ever did. After all, the process of art is really about the process of the person, no? You learn something about yourself when you put your heart and soul into it. Just as writing is therapy (hello again. blog) so is creating stuffies, or baby clothes, cooking, or painting a little painting. Who can argue that the world is a better place with art? Or better yet, with more people who are better able to express themselves.

Oh, did I digress???

Anyway, I really really love this fabulous Denyse Schmidt Basket Weave Fabric. So simple yet interesting. In fact, I think Denyse Schmidt is my favorite fabric designer right now. She has a real genius for created vintage style fabrics infused with a beautiful yet subtle modern influence. I also love how the colors are "colonial brown" rather than plain old brown, and "fairway" rather than plain old green. What's in a name? I think it can really breathe life into something, and spur some great creativity.


Heidijayhawk said...

the fabric. the pattern. more. than. i. can. handle.


OH. EM. GEE. Luckiest little baby girl EVER. Can I put it on her, now? Is that weird that I just asked that? I cannot WAIT to shoot photos... in the green grass... I'm seriously going to cry I love it so much. It is EXACT what was in my head. You're magic. I dream of sewing like you someday. Thank you, ladybird.

Knit in the Northwest said...

heh heh. Yeah, kinda weird. lol am so tickled that you are so thrilled!! I have plans for a smaller version as well. This is a size 2, but I just got my grubby paws on a newborn size.

I am having so much fun with these and you make it even more gratifying!

I can't wait to see the baby in them, either!