Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yeah, I read it.....

In like, TWO DAYS.

I don't think I laughed so much (albeit nervously) since I read Harrison Bergeron.

Have you ever read a book and were like "ohmygod, I swear I am so much like this person." That is totally how From Wild to Child sucked me in. I mean, I could totally relate. Then I realized that a lot of people probably feel the same way. Rebecca (or should I say Mrs. Woolf?) is a good writer. That is what good writers do - they make you relate. One of the ways this book really hooked me in was Rebecca's style of writing. It is how you would talk. This is something I revisited many times in college. "Just write they way you would talk," my teachers always told me. I thought I was, I would always think in reply. Eventually I came to the realization that a writer, I was not meant to be. Rebecca has an almost uncanny ability to do just this, cuss words and all.

What's not to love about a story, about a person, who admittedly loves "my pet human. cold glasses of water. fuzzy caterpillars. dog parks. trains. indie rock. raquetball. bowling. first editions. Henry Miller. work. dive bars. frozen fruit. traveling. people who lead rich lives. Writing stuff." (taken from her MySpace - does this make me a stalker?)

Or is it just me?

This is a great little book about being thrown into parenthood. I don't know how many of you were totally prepared and instantly felt grown up, mature, and knew exactly what to do when they got pregnant for the first time, but me, notsomuch. That is truly what this book visits; the thought process of coming from a situation with little responsisbility and being thrown into parenthood and dealing with a sense of self and a new child.

From the book, you get the sense that everything is going to be okay, and a thankfulness that Rebecca so candidly gives you the privilege of following her through her struggles of pregnancy, and newfound mothering. For me, it also gave me a really warm and fuzzy feeling that I had the privilege of knowing (and adoring) her before I even knew she was I writer.

I told you I can't write (I do reviews because I love shit). But I know a good book. Read this one. Like now. Goreadit.


Anonymous said...

Incredible writting style.


I love you. And seemingly I am stalking you, tonight. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! Kisses on your cheeks.