Friday, July 25, 2008

Friends, Salad, and Quilts

Sometimes you shouldn't meet up with people you meet online. DUH.

Heck, probably most of the time. However, sometimes you do anyway and it actually turns out to be great.

Today Katie (of Metrosupial Designs) and her beautiful son Rowan came up today for a bit of salad, tea and quilt-talk. I was so tickled to have Katie's expertise in quilting. It was a perfect trade for a measly price of some fat quarters. How I value knowledge. Especially in quilting at this point, which is my new favorite obsession.

Yes, quilting. Things just seem to fall into place sometimes. It is funny how I look back on the progression of crafting. First, I start knitting soakers (vintage-style diaper covers), then I teach myself to sew t make clothes for baby (preemie) Isabel, then I start selling clothing, then I give that up for selling fabrics, and now.... now I have to do something with all those glorious scraps of fabric I have coming out of my ears.

So, as I sit drooling over Katie's quilts, I think to myself, "How am I going to pick her brain so that I can make something this unbelievably gorgeous?"

Bribe her with fabric, of course. ;)

I know it isn't just good photos. I have seen her work in person. Katie, well, Katie is as picky about a stupid stitch as I. She is like the only other person that didn't either look away and change the subject, or look at me like I was crazy when I told her I was careful to back-track into the same holes when sewing. (For those of you who don't sew or know what this even is, don't worry - let's just say it is pretty freakin' anal.) In fact, Katie did the same thing. This girl is a perfectionist when it comes to sewing; a girl after my own heart.

So ANYway, what I was really so excited about was that Katie-the-awesome-seamstress, came up and showed me how to quilt. A brief but effective 10-minute tutorial has got me so ramped up that I have plans to head straight to my local sewing shop for a new rotary blade, quilting square, and quilt wall in the morning. I can't wait to show off my newly acquired quilt-making skills, and all the sad little misfit scraps turned into something beautiful and new. Something great, if fact. Something like a new friend.

THE SALAD: chopped Romain, blueberries, raw corn, raw almonds, orange bell peppers, scallions, Asian salad dressing (Annie's), and diced avocado. TOSS AND EAT ALL-DAY LONG.


boltandfrolic said...

How fun that you two met up for lunch and quilting! (Can I join you next time?! I'll bring blueberry muffins baked from scratch)

Re: the stitching... anal, shmanal! Why not make it as perfect as you can? :-D

btw, tunes are on the way!

Knit in the Northwest said...

Yes! YES!

Cool - no worried on the music - I have been so damn crazy busy with the in-laws and all sorts of stuff that I haven't even gotten to return your email - I am SO sorry!

metrosupials said...

I am waiting patiently to see the results. I finally posted some photos of the one I am making myself!