Monday, October 13, 2008

Party! Party!

Five years old. It was such a tumultuous start, and Isabel is now almost 5 years old.

It was about two years ago that Isabel first laid eyes on a pony. This was back in San Diego at a "pumpkin patch" where they had hay rides, game, and pony rides. In true Isabel fashion, she knew she wanted to get right on that pony and ride off into the sunset. So, after getting settled back up here in the Northwest, I thought there would be nothing better than to live vicariously through her and rent a pony for her birthday. I am going to have so much fun. No, I mean she is going to have so much fun. I have even purchased a fun 1940s Western pattern for chaps and a vest, which I am going to make out of black and cream felt. I better do what I can while this one still will let me. On a good day I can still dress her up in pigtails or what-have-you sort of twee frill and ribbons. It may take some bribing, but I can still do it.

Provided I can get around a bit (with or without my walker), and with a ton of help from my in-laws, we hope to post tons-of-fun pictures of pinatas, western star candies, pin-the-tail, and darling dollies. Oh, and not to forget, the party will be nothing without a master track done (by Grand Master Mark) with Bob Will and his Texas Playboys, and all that great retro music.

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