Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Man Comes Home...

Finally. We have spend 7 long months waiting for this.

I never really like saying what he does. Not that I am embarrassed about it but from my own personal experience, having grown-up in a hippy-friendly artsy environment, but I realize that there are always preconceived notions about things. Like Soren Kierkegaard said, "Once you label me, you negate me.

However, I am very proud of what Mark does. Not becuase he is "fighting the war on terrorism" - any fool with half a brain knows this is wrong, wrong, WRONG, but because he is a genius where you wold want a genius to be. I once had an ex-lover write to me and give me a shitty time for my husband being in the Navy, and actually used the term "collateral damage." (Mind you he was bitter, drunk and probably pining, realizing what he had lost, donchaknow.) I stepped right up and said that he was an ignoramus (yes, I often use such delicate terms) to not realize that having liberal sound-minded people in the military was in his best interest - that he ought to count his sorry-ass blessings.

All that said, we are more than happy to have him back, safely, and no worse for wear. Well, so far so good. Seven months is a long time, and hopefully the last time, as he is set to retire in 4 years. Wooo hooo!

For now, we have birthdays, Halloween, crazy doctors appointments, relatives (thank goodness only in-laws ::snort::) and shopping shopping shopping to take care of. Not to mention the birthday and Halloween costumes I have planned to sew. I better get my fat hiney in gear!

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