Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What does it mean?

Japanese Ephemera. Who knows… I don’t know…. It’s just cool.

So, these shirts are really cool, right? One of the reasons I wanted to list something from this shop is that I have been there. Kobo at Higo is one of the most beautiful shops I have been in. In fact, they have just totally revamped their site, and it doesn’t do the store justice. This is one of those places you walk in and think to yourself, “Is this a shop? Is it a museum?” In fact, it is both. What Kobo at Higo in Chinatown, Seattle, has is a very artful display of Japanese ephemera, complete with the vintage cases that came with the store, mixed with cool modern Japanese kitsch. While perusing the displays, you will come upon an explanation of why there are old cans of who-knows-what delicacies, all written in Japanese, or with American names as “Delicious Sun.” Lost in translation? Perhaps not….

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