Saturday, August 2, 2008

lame, lame, lame, lame....

I am, the worst blogger.

I love you. Really, I do. It's just that things have been so busy lately.

Mark found out that he is making rank, thus increasing pay, getting his pension, etc. Then we were waiting to hear if we had to move th San Diego (ugh) or if we got to stay in our home and not deal with the movers. (Is it us, or have others had to deal with movers turning over boxes and dumping things, eating your food then throwing up on your front lawn - only to sweep it onto the sidewalk?)

So, good news all around, we get to stay, the money will continue, and as much as I wanted to move down to "SoCal" and get those fake boobs and spray tan and drive a BMW, we are staying here where the summers are perfect and the beer is great. (If I hear any more mention of "liquid sunshine" In think I will vomit. It's rain, and we love it.)

So anyway, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mark sounds less and less depressed being on the ship, although we try not to talk about it too much. I still sorta hate telling people Mark is in the Navy sometimes becuase it tends to give people a false picture of who I (we) are. Only when you are in it are you so aware how different you are from others in the military.

"Oh, you are in the Navy? How come I haven't seen you at any of the wife's meetings?"

"Because I would rather have a goiter the size of a golf ball on my neck," she says under her breath.

Four more years and we are done. No more big deployments, and no more moves, knock on wood. No more Navy. No more Bush, no more teachers' dirty looks.

Wooo hoooo!!! I wrote to Mark. Wooo hooooo!!! indeed.

Time to start working on the house. "I think we should paint the the house" says Mark. "Just the front."

Time to relax and do things the way we want. Finally.

(Mark is the one with the "ATO" on his back.)


April said...

yay, I'm glad you are not moving!

Knit in the Northwest said...

Oh Hey! It's you!! No - we are staying, hopefully for good!!