Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Head Banger

My poor baby has a shiner.

This is not the first time she hit her head, but probably the worse, She has walked into a pole and hit her eyebrow, walked into the edge of a sliding glass door and put a permanent dimple in her check before. But this time we were having a fabulous time at Bowman Bay near the Pass, me kayaking and taking turns watching Isabel and her friend Banjo play in the sunshine, and she fell about 4 feet off a log onto huge rocks. By the time I got to her she was just lying there, not even crying; it scared the bajeebers out of me.

All I wanted to do is hold her. Everyone was asking about her fingers and legs, but I think it was more scary than anything. The worst part was her asking what happened. So, indeed, I drove straight to the E-room in Coupeville. It was a comforting three hours; well-spent knowing that she would be thoroughly checked out. She kept asking where she was, too -- that was a bit freaky.

Well, not much humor in this entry. I think I just have to remind myself that these things happen. You can't prevent everything, so you just count your blessings when it "could have been worse." Besides, we now have an excuse to slack around the house and just watch TV and sew. :)

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