Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Teaching Myself Something New

I love learning new things.

What makes this especially gratifying is that I have tried this before and failed miserably. Then, recently, I ran across a great quilting blog and got inspired by the great instructions on "stippling." (A form of free-hand quilting with the machine.) I glossed over it (usually too impatient to read things thoroughly the first time) and decided to try my hand at it; this time the correct way. I think my problem before was that I did not attach the right foot (I think it was the photo attached to the instructions that made the bell go off in my head), use the right thread and adjustments, and go for it. It was amazingly easy.

I think I mentioned I am a little impatient -- this is my main excuse for this not looking better, However, I was so impressed with how easy it was, that I sort of rushed through he job, just to get it done and be amazed that I could hold my very own quilted hot pad. I promised myself I would take more care, so that the stitches were more even and there wouldn't be any sharp corners.

This really is what was holding me up on continuing my learning how to make quilts. Real quilts. I am really ready to start to put together all those little squares I have cut out, a long time ago, in preparing to teach myself this very thing.

I should say, though, that I am not really teaching myself: I should give credit where deserved: to all those great "bloggers" and other people who graciously take the time to post beautiful photos and detailed instruction for all of us to use and enjoy, and otherwise be delighted by.


Andrea said...

Nice job on the quilting! I've tried teaching myself quilting, but I have no patience for it. And all those little pieces of fabric always seem intimidating to me.

Knit in the Northwest said...

Yes, buy, there are tricks to just about everything! I had a friend (Katie Pederson of Willy-Nilly)come by and teach me a couple things, including how she did her "values" quilt - it made it look SO much easier and less intimidating. I was just tickled that she would pass on the information that was taught to her by her mother, a long-time quilter. I know there are TONS of people online who would be more than willing to share their expertise with just about anyone. Also, searching all those beautiful quilting blogs (go to the links of blogs you really love) is one of my favorite ways to learn tips!