Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's New at Flora & Henri?

Oh dear, you had to ask.

While I love pretty things in general, fabrics more specifically, this whole thing really started with baby and children's clothing. For those of you who have bought something that you know wouldn't fit your baby for about, say.... 4 years... I am talking to you. (Becca.)

Flora & Henri is about one of cutest children's boutiques out there. (After the sale of my beloved Babyfairies, ::wink, wink:: )

Basically, I would like to describe them as vintage clothes made anew. Most of their items looks as though they could be from the 40's or 50's, yet they amazingly don't have permanent wrinkles nor do they smell like dusty moth balls. They are fresh and new somehow, with no stains on the chest or tiny tears in the armpits.

Like magic, you put your kid in this stuff, take them out to the beach and all you hear is "ooooooooooh" and "ahhhhhhhhh." Watch those heads list and people start crouching and babbling nonsensically.

Life seems so much more delightful when you are surrounded by those who envy you.

Plus, they have a little collection of wonderful Steiff toys. Ahhhhhhh....

Did I mention they are having a big sale? (This includes clearance items, so they may actually be down in my price range.)

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