Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The age of tech is better than I thought.

I must confess.
I come from a long line of sceptics. I remember listening to my grandfather, a WWII Flying Tiger, drawl out in his angry gruff voice, "I don't need no goddam radars!"
After all, computers DO make my life much more complicated in many respects, especially when things I need NOW go missing.
And when it comes to art, I tended to think technology just makes things simpler, not better. I mean, Photoshop can make some pretty corny stuff. I have seen some okay phots destroyed with the "artistic" options on more than one occasion. However, and I will unabashedly admit that there are those that take it to a new level; I occasionally go, "Yup, I could never do that myself."
Here is an example of some pretty fine digital manipulation of photographs. I know enough about design to identify some crucial aspects of Michelle Caplan's work. You can't just go around diluting and lapping images; there is a master mind behind the subtle colors and crafty composition. The ephemera is gorgeous as well.
In plain words... the stuff is cool.

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