Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This one's even louda.

On the top of my wish-list this year. What sleek and beautifully classic style.

"With a tuner that brings in even the weakest stations, the Model One radio begins with a handmade wood cabinet that is both beautiful and the ideal acoustically inert speaker housing. A heavy-magnet, long-throw driver is mated to a frequency contouring circuit that automatically adjusts output over half-octave increments, resulting in musically accurate tonal balance and bass response. “When your stereophile loved ones turn the knob on the rock-solid Henry Kloss Model One Table Radio, they’ll toss out all their multiuse, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and cry with hi-fi joy.” (Elle)

You can find this Henry Kloss radio at Tivoli Audio.

I think it even goes to eleven...

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