Wednesday, January 30, 2008

artists abound

I seem to be on a kick of finding artists and wanting to post their artwork: one of the glorious attributes of the Internet. Here is something beyond craft/crafty and so on....
This image doesn't do this work justice - you have to go see the work of Lisa Solomon, especially this work here, entitled Doily Body [lungs, gut, brain, heart], 2006, colored pencil and embroidery on dura-lar, 12" x 9". It is intricate and apparently random and precise all at the same time. The colors are lovely, and composition delightful. This reminds me of the brightly colored yarn we used to dip in liquid starch and dry in elementary school, only much more sophisticated.
There is just something very appealing to be from an artistic standpoint, to a fascination with robots, flowers and pretty dresses.

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