Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Live Earthy.

I just ran across this site again, apply named Viva Terra. There are so many great things here that it was hard to choose just one pic, but this slate cheese board was pretty friggin' awesome. Who doesn't need one of these to impress your guests?

I also really love the teak bath accessories, and a lot of the kitchen decor such as driftwood trivets and wine caddies. You simply can't go wring with the Hinoki Wood Bath Mat, especially after reading what they say about it...

"Hinoki, or Japanese cypress, has long been prized for its natural antibacterial agents and its resistance to humidity. Both make it ideal for bathing accessories. The highly therapeutic wood contains minerals and essential oils traditionally used in Japan to treat skin irritations, cure asthma and reduce stress."

I am sold on just about all this stuff. Great site.

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