Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How do you say.....

There must be a hundred words in Japanese for our word "cute." One of the biggest (and cutest) new fads is crafting Japanese. Here is a wonderful blog dedicated to just that.

"I'm starting this page as a resource for all the crafters out there who love Japanese craft books. When I bought my first book, on a visit to Japan in 2003, I had no idea there were legions of other crafters with the same interests. There's something about these books that makes them stand out over all other craft books - the simplicity, the beauty, the styling, the instructions even an illiterate American can follow.

The goal of this site is to collect reviews and completed projects from as many books as possible. I'll list all the local bookstores where you can go and page through them yourselves, and the online sellers too. Plus, I hope to have instructions on how to buy through the Japanese sites and links to inspiring shops and artists."

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