Wednesday, January 30, 2008

oh so sweet!

This Wool Deer Blanket.... Oh my...

This and other uber cool furniture and decor can be found at Modern Seed. There really doesn't seem to be a shortage of cool modern stuffs for babies. I keep seeing some of this stuff - especially on this lovely site - and thinking geez, I was totally looking for stuff like this when Isabel was tiny. I am especially fond of the Ooba Nest Basinet, the Happy Sealion Mobile, the WallCandy (pictured to the left) and Gary: "Who is Gary? Gary is cool. Gary is our new friend, he like apples and dance parties. Handcrafted in Sweden with love, Gary has made the a long trip over the Atlantic looking for some fun. A sturdy, long-lasting likeable friend. Please help Gary find a home." They also have the LIKEaBIKE, which I definitely want to get for Isabel. Apparently this is a somewhat common method in Europe for teaching youngsters to ride a 2-wheeler, and makes loads of sense to me.

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