Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Weather!

So, yes, it does get below freezing here in the NW. But, we have had so many consecutive cold days that my semi-hardy plants are dying to the ground - ugh. The only thing showing lack of harm right now is my beautiful fern, so I thought I might post this.

Truth be told, I cannot wait to start filling in my freshly-groomed beds. My husband seemed a bit perplexed why, as a gardener, I pulled out all the plants that were here. "You have to start fresh, with a good foundation." Honestly, I don't expect him to understand.

On my list of things to do (besides raking all the Cedar cones) is move my Hellebores to better light, transplant my hydrangeas to the front, and under-plant the big cedar with more shade-loving perennials.

Oh, I love gardening in the NW.

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