Wednesday, January 30, 2008

loloko: What doesn it mean?

Surely it must mean "cute."
I just came back to this site, and it suddenly donned on me (more likely I forgot) how low, low, LOW their prices are. Go check out loloko. What a deal for such cuteness! I love little things to brighten up the house with humor and cheer! Who doesn't need a little smile when they go to reach for a paperclip, fridge magnent, note holder, etc.
Someone said to me, "Why would you advertise for other people's items, when it may discourage them from buying yours?" Well.... I don;t think it really does. I probably wouldn't blog something that was like my stuff, only better. Wait... is there such a thing? Nah. ;) This stuff is all very different and fun, and if someone wants to spend their money somewhere else, they have that right. I think we should all feel good about our purchases, and the last thing I would want to do is corner someone into a sale. I can't STAND prssure sales, and I don't hide it. That doesn't bring them back, or encourage them to say good things about you. I just love sharing the darling, cute, sweet, fun, did I say cute? little things out there in the world!

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